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26 September, 2019

A quirky, fun way of hearing a story of adventure, choices we make and avoiding catastrophe

“It was really loud, but I liked the cat bit… especially when she tried to make the cat quiet by covering its mouth. Really funny sounds, the monster was a little mean though” – Hazel (5yrs Old)

What a delightful combination of weird and wonderful.

A unique way of stirring the imagination of the audience, young and old.

Dr AudiYo gets straight into exposing the style of performance the audience can anticipate, there is no speech uttered throughout forcing Dr AudiYo to use every part of the theatre (lights, stage, sound) to help support the narrative of the story.

Holly Austin (Dr AudiYo) was able to take the audience on a giant adventure with parallel storylines where the audience could select which adventure Dr AudiYo took.

She was able to engage audience members of all ages to enact scenes as part of the performance through gestures and sounds only.

Quite impressive.

This story really showcases how the power of non-verbal language & expert use of sound can be used to communicate to others, no matter your background or age.