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28 November, 2019

A raw, honest insight into the not-always-perfect world of live theatre

Magical tricks aside – Matt is a true entertainer.

In his own words, he got 80% of his tricks right which is what’s so appealing about him.

The show is a raw, honest insight into the not always perfect worlds of live theatre and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more.

Battling technical glitches throughout the show, we still experienced some mind-bending acts that I cannot put reason to.

He is so highly personable you get lost in his banter equally as much as his next act.

He is a master of audience participation and won over some slightly unwilling participants.

Might be something to do with him being an Aussie – but he is a lovable guy, honest and gave it his all.

I’d happily recommend seeing him and would do so again.