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17 September, 2019

A ri-dick-ulous night to remember

Like any great circus/cabaret show, it stayed true to embodying risqué humour, provocative dance and sexual inuendos, which make you giggle profusely or laugh like a hyena.

Their cast was diverse with some inexplicably talented acrobats, that made you rethink the ways a body can contort.

The MCs were more cheesy than witty and if that’s not your jam, then you probably wouldn’t fancy the show as much.

In comparison to previous productions by Strut & Fret, like LIFE The Show, Blanc de Blanc Encore, does not possess a strong storyline, but rather is full of dazzling tricks and skits.

It’s both visually indulgent and outrageous.

This show is purely for sheer entertainment.

If you go in with this mindset, then you’ll enjoy an absurdly silly, sexy and sultry performance.

So sit back, sip on a glass of bubbles and let it be a ri-dick-ulous night to remember.