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29 November, 2019

A supremely talented ensemble of musicians

A show demanding participation with singing, dancing, tears and some colourful language is an apt description of Christmas Actually.

The insanely talented Naomi Price is back at La Boite, following the resounding success of Lady Beatle, and she slays.

Christmas Actually was first presented at La Boite last year and based on its success here will head to the Sydney Opera House following this season.

Price is the perfect lead, supported by an extraordinary cast of singers and musicians including the exceptional Tom Oliver, the sublime Stefanie Caccamo and the sexy Alex Rathberger – each of them brilliant.

Price loves audience interaction and is not shy of a colourful curse word or ten and pocket rocket Oliver could perform anything, given he has an audience.

The music was superb. Scotty French on guitar brought sheer magic accompanying Price on a stunning rendition of Songbird while Rathberger’s take on Hugh Grant’s hilarious dance sequence from the film was both fun and a highly energetic.

Caccamo however, stood above them all with an astonishing voice of insane clarity and pitch.

This is the kind of show demanding a front table in the cabaret section, a bottle of wine or two and a willingness to become a part of the performance.

I am not sure I could have enjoyed it more but next visit I am willing to give those seats a go.

There is a wonderful festive narrative woven through the show, lines ripped from the film verbatim and used with aplomb and musicality any major theatre in Australia would be proud to sell tickets to.

I am a fan of Naomi Price and anything she puts her hand to.

My appreciation of Caccamo, Oliver, Rathberger and French is now absolute.

It should be named Christmas Fun, Actually. I’m going again.