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15 September, 2021

A tender intimate glimpse into the world of homelessness

What an amazing passion project conceived by journalist Trent Dalton and photographer David Kelly that provides awareness and understanding of those who live homeless on our Brisbane streets.

The pair interviewed and filmed a group of homeless people they met at 3rd Space, which provides support and meals for those who need help getting back on their feet.

Love Stories delves into these people’s lives showing us how they ended up in these circumstances and asks them to talk about what they think the meaning of ‘love’ is.

The cinematic footage is raw and beautiful, and the questions are asked with respect and compassion.

While the video interviews play on a big screen, they are perfectly accompanied by the music of quintet Topology and guitarist Karin Schaupp, adding to the emotive impact of each account without detracting from the footage.

The stories are speckled with humour, tragedy, melancholy, and perception of the challenges they have faced through their lives, and establishes that love is truly subjective, with both positive and negative implications to all who experience or lose it.

It was intimate, sensitive, tender and at times painful to listen to. I had a lump in my throat the entire time and was captivated by the big screen, only looking away to grab a tissue from my bag when I couldn’t hold back the tears.

It was wonderful for these people, who we often walk past in the street without a care, receive a voice and have their story told.

Love is an enigma that we all experience in our lives, some a lot more than others.

I felt gratitude and connection, for sometimes the only thing that separates us from the homeless is that we are ‘loved.’

Love Stories is a unique cinematic experience full of emotional insights into these people’s lives and I highly recommend it to all.