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25 June, 2021

A two-man show that will make you laugh and think

The first thing that will grab you about Sam Foster and Hayden Jones’ performance are the seamless transitions of both character and set.

While telling the interwoven story of high school students and staff they move easily around the stage literally and figuratively wearing many hats as they do.

The story takes you on a journey that makes you consider many social issues that should at least make you think.

All the while the mood is lightened with well-placed humour to keep things entertaining and palatable.

If there was any complaint regarding the performance it came from my much more experienced theatre partner for the evening who pointed out that there could have been more realism and less dramatisation, especially for a room that size.

They also mentioned that from a technical perspective the clowning and miming could have used a little more work.

I personally enjoyed the show very much and would recommend this short theatre piece to anyone that gets a chance to see it.