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25 September, 2019

A unique tale of adventure and human relationships with shadow puppetry, masks and a flying bottomless boat

A spirited pastime of two tribespeople, one with a heart for adventure and the other with a preference to remain in the comfort of home, suddenly find themselves on an adventure of a lifetime to discover the lost location of the ‘oldest of old elders’.

A Not So Traditional Story follows the journey of Wurangkili & Timita across the island with an ‘Alien’, meeting animals who guide them along the way.

This story has a lovely blend of humour in relationships, spirit using shadow puppetry and wisdom through extravagant masks, all telling a story of culture and identity.

The performers – Craig Irons, Jordy Gregg, Nathan Maynard and Denni Proctor – portray their characters convincingly, bringing magnetic energy to the stage and each other (resulting in a couple of laughs and smiles between the cast members).

“The costumes were so amazing, can I have the Eagle one? It was such a pretty story, I really liked it when they helped each other.” – Hazel (5yrs Old)