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2 October, 2019

A visual, audio, physical stimulation of the senses

“That was so colourful! Peter was so mean, he’s not a good friend to the others. I liked the flying balloons too! I’d like to see that again” – Hazel (5ys old)

Laser Beak Man had colour, intrigue, music, drama, heroes, villains… oh and an invisible lamb.

It was a fusion of the good, the bad, the indifferent and the misunderstood.

Characters in this larger-than-life story adopted stereotypical personas within our society, creatively portrayed through wonderfully crafted puppets and their exceptional puppeteers.

So much coordination would be required to execute a flawless performance.

I was in constant awe of the set, the story, the performance and equally the mechanics behind it to make it come to life.

We really liked the use of the entire theatre as the performance, giving an immersive experience as part of the story happening on stage.

The band bridged the scenes beautifully and the cheeky one-liners gave parents and some kids a good chuckle.

Definitely a show worth going along to; Tim Sharp’s story is fun, clever and creative.