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30 November, 2019

Actually love Love Actually? Well then, this is for you!

This is a great performance of the music from the moving Love Actually and wow it was fun.

The band was really good, they were all technically great and they all added a bit of their own awesomeness to it.

The singers were especially fun and did a great job interacting with the crowd.

The lead singer was just bloody awesome.

It really did surpass my expectations.

My expectations – let me just say, I saw the movie Love Actually only once, about a year ago.

While I didn’t mind the movie, I’m not a huge fan.

So I really didn’t have much of a reference to it.

That didn’t stop me from enjoying the show though. It was brilliant.

And my partner, who is a huge fan of the movie, and has seen it many times, was thrilled beyond belief.

She was smiling the whole time.

It really is a great way to kick off the festive season!

I recommend this to everyone and anyone.