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31 March, 2023

All That Is The Best Of Theatre

Admittedly, I have found writing about Drizzle Boy difficult.

How to choose what to focus on?

I could write about the incredible performances by Naomi Price and Kevin Spink; playing eleven characters between them, running the gamut of loving, confused, curious and exhausted loved ones, to confrontational, amusing and inspired insiders and outsiders of Drizzle Boy’s world.

Or I could have used my words to praise the brilliant performance of Daniel R Nixon; playing Drizzle Boy on stage for two hours straight.

He took us all on the journey of his character’s life; from childhood core memories and adolescent-defining moments, through every emotion imaginable from start to finish.

I want to write about the awe-inspiring words of Ryan Enniss and his ability to draw his audience into his mind and world with his obvious talent and I would like to spend some time writing about the spectacular staging, and compelling use of lighting and movement in simple but effective ways.

I wanted to write so many more words about all of these things, but the truth is, none of them really describe what a breathtaking production Drizzle Boy is.

While this story is that of a life lived with autism, I left with millions of thoughts about all of us; our society as a whole, the expectations of each other and ourselves, a sense of empathy for all of our collective journeys and a confirmation that amongst all of our differences and regardless of where we land on any spectrum, so many of our experiences and needs are exactly the same.

I left feeling heartache and heart full, and I walked away with a piece of tinsel in my hair and a piece of my soul feeling satisfied.

And so I use my words to attempt to explain that Drizzle Boy is all that is the best of theatre, inspiring and thought-provoking, and the contentment that comes with seeing and being part of such a magnificent piece is unequalled.

Standing ovation to all involved.