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6 September, 2019

An amazing contemporary circus performance reflecting real life experiences of families at Hummingbird House

We Live Here is a beautiful and sensitive contemporary circus performance reflecting the very real-life experiences of families at Hummingbird House.
The performance is interspersed with moments in life as they are… mealtimes, playing in the yard, off to school, fun in the pool, family time, caring for a sick child, other family members.
These life moments are cleverly brought together by the young performers, music and the narration of life moments as told by family members at Hummingbird House.
Strength, resilience, togetherness, trust, good times and support are expressed as themes that are extremely important for families caring for a child with a life-limiting illness.
The performance is a subtle blend of seriousness and lighthearted fun incorporating contemporary circus, music and narration.
It is wonderfully unique in that the themes are absolutely aligned with the performance itself in that the performers do not simply portray the themes through the choreography but also portray them physically through working together, utilising their strength and resilience, trusting in each other and supporting each other throughout the entire performance.
The five young performers are extremely skilful with their dedication, sensitivity and enjoyment shining throughout the entire performance.
An excellent performance!!!
I congratulate everyone involved in this truly inspiring production and would definitely recommend it to everyone.