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28 November, 2019

An entertaining hour with a bloke you'd probably have a drink with

Matt seems a really genuine bloke and nowhere near as alpha as you would assume a guy who chose magic and mind-reading would be.

His stories come from a real place and, despite the showmanship inherent to stage performance, you find yourself liking him.

He’s quick to call out the elephants about performing magic and interacting with a crowd.

He’s also really great at putting the audience at ease, which is awesome because there are a lot of moments that are almost-but-not awkward.

For those who fear audience participation, it’s not that bad!

As someone who hates that risk, I insisted we sat anywhere but the front.

So if you’re like me, let me reassure you: there is audience participation but he doesn’t “pick on” people and the selection process feels organic.

There are also outs if you really can’t stand that kind of thing.

Unfortunately, during the show I attended, there were AV issues.

This meant we didn’t get to see the grand finale.

Matt, to his credit, hid his disappointment so well that many of the audience thought it was part of the show until the underwhelming exit.

It appeared to be one of those things that was outside of anyone’s control so I’m devo-ed for Matt that this happened.

It’s worth noting because openings and closings of shows can really affect the whole thing and I have no idea how different my take would have been if I’d seen it.

For most adults, the concept of true magic kind of died around the time we discovered the myth of Santa Claus, but this is about so much more than that.

Hang out with Matt for an hour and I guarantee you’ll like him, laugh, and probably walking away wondering how he did a few things.