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12 September, 2019

Between the silence and the rage lies grief

How a person deals with grief is nothing but personal but in a production that has five people shouting and swearing at each other for at least half of it, I have to question the writing and directing.

This story may well be imitating real life but not all reality makes good theatre.

The writing was too simplistic to be interesting and I felt some scenes were not quite finished before a change in pace.

I could see and hear the performers acting and the small moments of spiritual connection felt contrived.

I did like the projected images of the spirits communicating with the brother, Preston, but I wanted to see more of an effect on him as they were happening.

As it was, it was just a figure sleeping in bed.

Everyone seemed to blame the mother for the breakdown in family connection but there was no obvious justification for it regardless of blame being part of the grieving process.

With some smart re-direction focusing on subtlety, the anger in this story will be more powerful and the words provoke true empathy.

2.5/5 stars.