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14 September, 2019

Brisbane tunes, 8 singers, 5 piece band

It felt a bit weird wandering into the Spiegeltent in daylight, but you always know something great is going to happen in there…

After a story was told about leaving your heart in Highgate Hill, it was straight into the first song from Sean Sennett’s album of the same name.

And once the tunes started, they just kept rolling.

There was a bit of between-song introductions & banter from Sean Sennett (who wrote all these songs) and then it was right into the next one.

All up, 8 different singers delivering a range of styles and tunes.

Not just 8 terrific artists, but at one point the band had 5 guitarists on stage, including John Willsteed from The Go-Betweens.

Lucinda Shaw, Roz Pappalardo, Deb Suckling, Rachael Dixon, Sue Ray, Megan Cooper, Jackie Marshall and Charlotte Emily all put on a fantastic show.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a gig with so many different artists – while you’re sitting there still humming along with the last song, the next artist would jump up onto the stage and kick off the next one.

It made the whole gig fly by. My pick of the bunch was Roz Pappalardo’s singing “Valentines Day” (brilliant!), but not far behind was Lucinda Shaw and her supercharged, all-energy version of “You broke my heart at the big day out”.

As if you’d break someone’s heart at the BDO…

So could you get a more quintessential Brisbane Festival show? No way.

Great tunes written by a Brisbane artist, performed by amazing Brisbane (or nearby) singers.

The show ended with all 8 artists up on the stage, and Deb Suckling on lead vocals.

So much energy, none of us wanted to leave.

Shows like this are exactly what the Brisbane Festival is all about!