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19 September, 2019

Bruno, Not So Major

When Bruno Major first appeared on stage to the gleeful squeals of a packed Spiegeltent, he was wearing an oversized denim jacket emblazoned with toy blocks on the back that spelt out ‘LET’S PLAY’.

My theory is that he found the jacket in his dad’s closet along with all the instruments he touched over the course of the night, because he really wasn’t a great fit for any of them.

Fortunately, my opinion won’t change the minds of the fans who were enraptured by every off note, and being honest, it’s probably going to be past most of their bedtimes by the time this is posted anyway.

I’ll scrape some of the salt off of this review and admit, I was probably just expecting more than what I saw as I waited in a line that snaked all the way down to the Brisbane River.

What I ended up seeing was not bad by any means – Bruno Major’s voice is good enough.

His banter with the crowd is charming enough.

His songs are catchy enough that his fans were singing along with every word, and releasing the kinds of studied screams that are usually reserved for a rollercoaster.

But, this wasn’t any rollercoaster ride.

Well, maybe one of those kiddie rollercoasters you take with your nan when you’re not grown enough for the real rides.

And that’s the real problem for this bitter bitch standing and watching a bunch of kids fawn over mundane songs that I can no longer remember – I’ve been to too many truly exciting shows for this one to move me anywhere other than the exit.

I will say though that most of Major’s audience seemed to have a great night out, so he certainly knows how to capture his particular, less demanding crowd.