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25 September, 2019

Contemporary theatre at its best!

I felt like I had fallen into a surrealist painting.

Where Salvador Dali’s Elephants came to life, as the cast crossed the stage with controlled movement wearing stilts.

The majority of the cast was made up of faceless characters, who became whatever the narrative needed them to be; travellers, stars in the night, the arch of a bridge, tangible emotions and the cities themselves.

This show was brought to life with physical theatre, that was executed with absolute precision and elevated the entire show.

The narrative was an abstraction of our human limitation and discussed our inability to focus on the present moment, our need to feed our ego, and our self-destructive capitalist behaviours.

The dialogue was at times difficult to follow, but this seemed almost intentional as the audience experienced the same sensory overload as the two main characters.

The set design was incredible and included projection mapping and a 360-degree performance space, which made the stage feel like a living, breathing city.

Invisible Cities was very cleverly directed and is a must-see for those who love physical theatre, high production value and thought-provoking narrative.