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21 November, 2019

Enormous, sparkling and not even a little bit sh!t

If there’s any false advertising about the Big Glittery Sh!tShow, it’s in the first half of that last word.

Bursting with energy, sass and a healthy serving of dada-esque wit, the ‘BGSS’ is an enthralling amalgamation of burlesque, circus and comedy that’s sure to brighten even the toughest week.

Be sure to expect a super-cut-style montage of off-the-wall acts ranging from slapstick circus comedy (dildo-throwing, anyone?) to a mesmerising kaleidoscope of LED hoola-hoops to some pretty impressive food-based trickery to what can only be described as a Fonda-esque workout routine if Jane had taken a strong hit of some pretty hard substances and stumbled across the kid next door’s trampoline.

It’s no wonder the titillating trio behind this mad carnival – Jack Wilde, Shona Conacher and Laney Mejias – took out the Gasworks Circus Showdown 2019: it’s a joyful hour of unpretentious, cackle-out-loud, bawdy fun – just make sure if you sit in the front row you bring your finest waterproof poncho!