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21 September, 2019

Entertaining for kids and parents

Trash Test Dummies is a great, action-packed and funny show.

We laughed a lot.

There were jokes for kids and jokes for parents.

There is something for everyone…dancing, singing, juggling and acrobatics.

The show is about three trash collectors trying to do their jobs but it all goes a bit crazy when they try to make their job more fun.

They end up using the wheelie bins as props.

The bins turn into drums, cars, places to hide and launching pads for acrobatic stunts.

The music is great and covers lots of styles – past and present.

Parents and kids can sing along.

There is lots of audience interaction.

The cast comes down off the stage several times to bring the audience into the play.

Parents and kids are drawn into participating amidst lots of laughter.

Everything goes crazy when bags of plastic balls are thrown into the audience and everyone is encouraged to throw them back onto the stage.

Kids and balls go everywhere.

I would recommend this play for families who want to have a crazy time with lots of laughs, although kids older than 12 might not find it as much fun.