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25 September, 2019

Entertaining, thought-provoking and deeply emotional

You & I is an emotionally driven story of love told through a blend of acrobatics, circus skills and dance by the two central characters.

Performers Jesse Scott and Lachlan McAulay’s real-life relationship is plainly evident in their on-stage interactions and the two work beautifully together to draw the audience along on their journey.

They performed a continuing parade of acrobatics and circus skills throughout the show to keep the audience cheering and clapping, showcasing their strength and physical endurance.

Unfortunately, the venue wasn’t well suited to their performance and being seated in the second half of the theatre space meant I couldn’t see anything below their waists, including any floor work.

I felt the performance was a little slow at times (possibly due to my limited view) and thought the dress-up scene missed the mark.

Overall, a lovely performance that tugged at the heart-strings.