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10 November, 2023

Escape RL at IRL

The billboard for IRL reads “a show of innocence and extroverts” but I’m not sure that gives this production, written by Lewis Treston, enough credit.

This is a tale of growing up, acceptance, friendship, love and a dash of societal commentary thrown in.

Alexei, played by Will Bartolo, is an outwardly confident teenager looking for his first love with the use of emojis and faceless bravado through his phone.

On his device he finds T, played by Byron Lankester Howells, an awkward, film-loving teen and together they (almost) find what they’re looking for, with the help of Rachel Nutchey’s character Taylor, at Supernova.

It’s a rollercoaster of emotion, equal parts amusing and adorable and, although it’s a story of young angst and young lust experienced in a way teenagers do best, it’s also a story relatable to anyone with a heartbeat.

At about two hours long, this is a production one has to commit to, but if you suspend reality and go with the flow, it’s a great opportunity to escape and be entertained, IRL.