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21 November, 2019

Excuse the cliche but you’ve got to see it to believe it!

Twelve hours later and I am still perplexed by the hypnotic shenanigans that we witnessed during last night’s performance.

Entering the venue feeling sceptical would be a wild understatement, but we were well and truly prepared to be awed and floored if these tricks of the mind wound up being true!

In spite of the intimate audience, our fast-talking, slick-looking, well-versed hypnotist for the evening, Isaac Lomman, was just as enthusiastic and engaging as if he were presenting to hundreds!

After some introductory audience participation antics (I won’t give anything too much away), more than a handful of brave souls volunteered to join Isaac on stage to put their mental state to the test.

Once in trance mode, us significantly less-daring viewers were treated to all sorts of humorous delights (again, no spoilers) as the participants were snapped in and out of their hypnotised sleep states, having no such awareness of what they’d done, why they did it, or even in one instance… who they were.

With much ‘surely not!,’ ‘wow!,’ and ‘what the ….’ internal dialogue on our side, we left Isaac’s presence no doubt a little less sceptical and I hate to say it…quite possibly converts.

Would most definitely consider coming back next time to see some more!

And with that, I’ll leave you with one hint word… kangaroos!