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6 September, 2019

Facts, friendship and heinous war crimes

When you think of musicals, you would probably think of glamour and a huge stage production.

Across the board, that would be correct – but not in this case.

Sometimes you are taken on a journey, sometimes you experience an emotional roller coaster and sometimes you are left standing, hanging out for more.

SS Mendi: Dancing the Death Drill is all these, plus more.

There are heavy ideas and a soundtrack to leave you humming for days.

It makes you contemplate your own experience and life.

The overarching themes included going to war, camaraderie, coming of age to suicide and death – the troupe brings you along each step of the way.

Despite a clear spoken transition between scenes, ingenious techniques are successfully used instead.

Minimalist use of props and song creates the space, throwing you into the depths of the emotions and fear.

A highlight of the show is the personification of the ship and the amazing talented individuals on the stage.

Not only are the troupe extremely good at what they do, but they also deliver harder to fathom facts of SS Mendi and the great loss that ensued.