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28 September, 2019

Fangirls gives you 'all the feels' - transporting you back in time to your own first crush

Fangirls was written by up-and-coming comedian, actor and playwright Yve Blake and the show had the audience hooked from the opening sequence.

Catchy tunes, on-point jokes, cool dance moves and brilliant acting transports the audience into Edna’s world of ‘serious boy band member crush’.

Edna is ‘in love’ with Harry, lead singer of ‘True Connection’.

The entire cast of Fangirls is superb – there are no exceptions to this.

Yve Blake has perfectly captured every nuance of teenage girls.

First love, fan culture and the dangers of underestimating teenage girls play out exquisitely, drawing the audience in at every turn.

As Edna’s devotion to Harry reaches new heights and her friends must decide which side to take the audience is torn between laughter, tears and surprise and shock.

The similarity between True Direction Harry and Harry Styles of boy band, One Direction, is not lost on the audience.

There are laughs, nudges and even some denial as the audience remembers those heady One Direction days.

Fangirls is a must-see for those who want to recapture their youth, understand their teenagers better or simply have a good laugh and be thoroughly entertained.

Yve Blake is most definitely going places as a playwright.

Stay alert there is undoubtedly more to come from this talented young woman.