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6 September, 2019

FoMO? IMHO DMTS — that is…do you have a Fear of Missing Out? In My Honest Opinion …Don’t Miss This Show.

The Brisbane Festival is teeming with many fantastic options. It can be difficult to choose… so many audience members might first be tempted to skip over a show that is listed under ‘circus’ and ‘family’. Which would be a pity. This is circus that made the opening night audience smile, brought tears to a few eyes, drew many gasps of admiration, and ended with a well-deserved standing ovation.

At times it was difficult to remember that the talented performers and co-creators (Indra Garvey, Mia Hughes, Amy Stuart, Skip Walker-Milne and Luke Whitefield) are all under 30 (three are under 18). Age and time are important themes in this show. We Live Here tells some of the stories of the families and guests in the care of the dedicated staff at Hummingbird House (one of only three hospices for children in Australia–and the only facility providing respite and end of life care for Queensland children).

We Live Here is an inspired theatrical event: five Flipside Circus performers and creators, a time-focused video projection and a moving soundtrack that includes the words of Hummingbird House staff and parents (Mik La Vage, Audio and Projection Designer), and the leadership and creativity of Natano Fa’anana and Bridget Boyle (Co-Directors).

The circus work is outstanding: amazing loose rope work, impressive strength and lifts, flexible and flowing acrobatics, and some fabulous hula hooping. But this is also an impressive theatrical work; an experience will stay with you long after the show.

It’s funny (watch out for the family pool scene), and it’s thought-provoking. Your kids will love the acrobatics and fun, and you’ll reflect on an amazing performance that makes you think about what really matters in life (and have a renewed admiration for the work of those in hospice care). Don’t miss out. Go.