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6 March, 2023

From Little Things…

For the first show at the Brisbane Circus Centre, the residents from Flipside teamed up with Casus Creations to bring you a wholesome performance that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

A multigenerational cast perfectly proved that indeed, from little things big things can grow.

It was well choreographed from beginning to end with an engaging audioscape and simple yet effective set.

While the talent of the older, more experienced performers should not be taken for granted, the younger performers, some very young, shone.

Their professionalism and hard work was as apparent as the pride of those who train them passing the knowledge down to the next generation.

As someone who does not have children, it’s easy to not see these sorts of performances and it was a genuine delight.

I wish the cast and crew all the best with the run and implore the ones in training to keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing them grow in future years.

Circus is one of my favorite live entertainment genres and with younger folk like this on the way up I believe it will remain so.