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21 September, 2019

Funny and delightful but definitely one for the fans

There was no mistaking the Harry Potter theme of this production, with entrance and auditorium decked out in cobwebs and hessian, dusty bookshelves and eerie swirling mist.

In retrospect, some of this effort could have been better employed in more distinct costuming.

As a play written most specifically for “Potter heads”, even with knowledge of the characters, the multiple roles taken on by cast members required more definitive visual cues most specifically through costume change.

The unclear transformations made for confusing scenarios, as attested to by the limited audience response, where only the true HP fanatics actually got the gist.

There were standout performances, however, by the very talented Annabelle Taylor (Hannah and others) who really could transform across characters, as if by magic.

Matt Whitty (Ernie and others) also brought great energy to the performance.

The unmistakable rendition of both Dobby and Alastor Moody were highlights.

The real delight in this performance was the unmistakable cohesion of the troupe.

Their comedic timing was exceptional, so in tune with each other, and delivering a romping run through of seven tumultuous years for any adolescent, let alone magical ones.

For anyone not familiar with the Harry Potter series, the play would be somewhat confusing, but still entertaining from a more peripheral aspect.

This is one for those who grew up on a diet of wizards and wands, anxiously awaiting the next book release, watching and rewatching the films, and ultimately perhaps even indulging in a little cosplay.

It’s all about the costumes.