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12 September, 2019

Giggles and grief really do go together!

From Darkness is a modern story of unresolved Sorry Business and intergenerational grief.

The narrative explores rejection, isolation, resentment, guilt, sadness, shame and anger.

The all-Indigenous cast beautifully portray these emotions as they speculate the cultural reasons for death and ultimately who (or what) is to blame.

Indigenous suicide is prevalent, but not often spoken.

From Darkness addresses the issue with raw honesty.

The experience is more ‘voyeur’ than ‘show’, adding an element of transparency essential to maintain authenticity.

Detailed staging, the multimedia and layout well supported a natural flow.

The cast captured the audience in comedic yet meaningful engagement, a power only found in humour.

The acting, at times, felt very ‘new’.

As the cast expressed their unique grief emotions, this felt very real, but out of balance with the dialogue.

The portrayal of ‘Nan’ deserves special mention; I was impressed by what appeared to be a very comfortable performance.