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26 September, 2019

His musical beauty was a bit too carmoflauged or hidden for my liking.

Carmouflage Rose is a hip hop artist.

I’m not the biggest fan of hip-hop but I was hoping that his fusion of reggae and eclectic mix, would be worth checking out.

I’d listened to his song ‘Late Nights’ and although it sounded a bit generic it had a good beat.

On arrival at the intimate Spiegeltent, Carmouflage Rose had the crown pumping from the beginning.

Asking the crowd to come in closer, so much so, that has audience members on stage rocking out with him.

I found his voice dominated the stage which made hearing the DJ difficult to hear.

He certainly did get the crowd involved with fans reciting his lyrics/anthems.

One of his songs ‘1000 styles’ highlighted that as an artist he can diversify but to be honest, many of the songs sounded the same to me.

The lyrics were also hard to understand but maybe that’s normal for this style of hip-hop.

I didn’t really feel the reggae and dancehall influences.

His vocals were ok, but at times it sounded like he was yelling.

Carmouflage Rose definitely felt at home on the stage, especially as he is a Brisbane-based artist.

Some of the songs were infectious and had us bopping along as he swayed his dreadlocks back and forth.

I was surprised by the diverse range of ages he attracted.

This artist may be upcoming, but I found his beauty was a bit too carmoflauged or hidden for my liking.