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21 September, 2019

Hold-your-breath theatre!

We are going on a tumultuous journey through motherhood, marriage and mental health.

It’s going to hurt.

Having already seen two of her previous shows, Sex Idiot and Fake It ‘Til You Make It, I’m already invested in Bryony’s life and I am strapped in tight, ready for laughs and probably tears.

There is so much happening it would be easy to be overwhelmed but Bryony is extremely articulate and incredibly clever with theatrical devices so I am never lost – except in the compassion I feel for her throughout.

There are 4 mini-sets that take us into Bryony’s world, the central one being home – a cottage in Oxfordshire.

The potential to be cut off from society when the surrounding stream rises begins as a metaphor but turns frighteningly real in the throes of psychosis as Bryony shuns her friends and family to exist in the terror of post-natal depression alone.

Bryony lets us into her world completely.

We are with her running through the haunting forest, drowning in the rising stream, burning down with the timber cottage and ultimately rising like a phoenix to breathe and take charge of recovery.