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13 September, 2019

I left feeling uplifted, happy and still wanting more

Trevor Ashley’s musical theatre performance at QPAC was entertaining, informative, lighthearted and real.

He was a good narrator, had incredible vocals, dance moves and wit.

He also had support from a highly talented musical team who framed the stage and were led by James Simpson on piano.

The audience got a glimpse into Trevor’s life behind the scenes plus on stage from a number of hit musicals including Jesus Christ Superstar, Pricilla, Hairspray and Les Mis.

I particularly enjoyed the second half when Trevor put on wigs and glitzy dresses and treated us to superb impersonations of some of Trevor’s favourite Divas – Liza Minnelli, Shirley Bassey and Tina Turner.

It was fun to sing along and have audience participation to some of the well-known cabaret numbers such as “I’m Every Woman”, “New York New York” and “I am what I am.”

The big band supporting the show was impressive.

I was particularly impressed with the guest vocalist Jaz Flowers.

I am a pretty conservative person and so found one or two of Trevor’s sexual references a bit crude and confrontational.

However, most people spent the entire evening in stitches of laughter and I left (after three encores) feeling uplifted, happy and still wanting more.