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19 September, 2019

If Chet Baker & Jeff Buckley had a love child, his name would be Bruno Major

Bruno Major is the reason why you would go out late on a weeknight.

Just for the pure unadulterated pleasure of seeing this legend sing.

Without all the bells and whistles of a well-established music studio, there aren’t many artists whose live performance measures up to the carefully orchestrated songs produced in a recording studio.

But once in a while, your lucky stars come into orbit, bringing someone like Bruno Major to illuminate your nights.

There are no accompanying musicians. No backup vocals. No extravagant pyrotechnic light show.

Neither will you find affectation or pretentiousness.

Just a man and his voice holding the crowd in absolute rapture.

In fact, if your eyes scan the crowd, you will find a chromatic spectrum of appreciative fans.

From elderly couples to teenagers, all of us tuning in attentively for the hour-long performance.

A clear testament to the wide appeal of his music.

For all our differences, we wear the same reverent expression when Bruno Major sings.

Right from the opening strains of melancholy that Bruno Major coaxes from his guitar strings to his encore finale with “Nothing”, each song draws you into his lyrical insights on love, loss and light.

He is the master of tone and depth.

He knows the strength of a slow deliberate note and how much more power lies in a perfectly timed soft note.

His music is like no other but is reminiscent of the jazz depths of Chet Baker and the soulfulness of Jeff Buckley, reincarnated.

It is no wonder he has been touring with Sam Smith. Most of all, his concert is where he will delight you with all the stories of the people, places and events that have shaped his music.

It is where you’ll discover the magic that is Bruno Major.