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10 November, 2023

IRL? IMHO a WIP (work in progress)

I’m going to start with my ‘glass half full’ aspects of this show.

I liked the idea of the show: a work about identity that features characters who hide behind different Supernova ‘masks’/costumes when facing up to ‘real life’ … and which speaks about the need to be honest as to who you really are.

The ‘fourth wall’ breaking was beautifully done and really kept the audience engaged. I liked the casting and energy of Will Bartolo (a great leading ‘Disney Princess’) and Byron Lankester Howells (who was a charming foil), and there were moments that made me smile.

However, some of the writing was a little too didactic (the mini-lecture about the owners of the brands), and this is a show that would definitely benefit from some editing (did we need the ‘Madam Malheur scene? Perhaps the fishy dream sequences could have been shorter?).

For me, the interwoven stories about costume theft and the breakdown/awakening of Taylor/Phoenix (Rachel Nutchey) just needed some editing back.

In a future iteration, I’d be interested to see a clearer focus on the main story about the ‘first love’ relationship between T and Alexi; as a one-hour identity/coming-out show this might work well at fringe events across the country.

If you go, make sure you select a seat in the central bank otherwise you will miss the full effect of the supernova backdrop and some of the action.

And do note that the haze effects are significant and there is further smoke with the portrayal of vaping/cigarette use.