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12 September, 2019

Is anyone to blame when it comes to suicide? From Darkness asks you.

Walking into the theatre you’ll find an absolutely beautiful set that takes you to another universe so easily.

The use of projection and lights are used so beautifully throughout the production to symbolise different spirits, and throughout the play, the lights and projection became their own character.

Although this show is listed as a comedy, it’s a very dark comedy with dark themes such as suicide and mental health.

Although there were funny moments to lift the dark mood that was created, I’m not sure if there were enough light-heartened moments to balance the pain and anguish felt by the characters and they shared their personal sides of the story of how they’d dealt with the suicide of a loved one.

There were both moments of beautiful acting as well as moments that felt incredibly rushed.

Specifically, when the word “blame” was being thrown around so easily, yet in real life, if you blamed someone for another person’s death, it would be an incredibly heavy and harsh thing to say.

This piece didn’t quite hit the mark with me, as I felt the first half of the play was all set up for a dramatic ending, but the dramatic ending never came.

In general, I think it’s an important story to be told and seen and would still recommend people to give it a go, but wouldn’t tell them it was a comedy.