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21 November, 2019

Just You’re not really sure what’s about to happen and you probably won’t leave when you plan to.

Nahid and Marout are going away tomorrow and we, the audience, were gathering with them in farewell.

That’s all you need to know for context.

Let me put my overall take in this way: If the show was a banquet, I loved certain dishes – the myths, especially.

But I felt like they tried to cram too many dishes onto the table.

It was a lot to try it all at once and, in the end, it’s hard to say what was the main dish.

But maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

After all, everyone who goes will remember the dish they liked too.

Definitely go with someone and chat about it afterwards.

My friend and I have both lived our whole lives here and we both come from migrant backgrounds.

You’d think we’d have seen similar things.

Yeah, nah. Completely different take.

There was a lot of tension, sometimes very well-orchestrated (there were some super unexpected twists!) but other times just from awkward timing.

The dialogue was charming and familiar and reached a common humanity.

But I’m sad I couldn’t appreciate the poetry fully – I was too busy recovering from the context switches that flew over my head.

Quick spotlight on the supporting characters: the lighting design, the staging, and the multimedia.

These elements were very thoughtfully done.

Across the performance, it felt really great to get to know them, honestly, and they told great stories.

Just like going to a farewell gathering at a mate’s place, you’re not really sure of what’s about to happen and you probably won’t leave when you plan to.

By the end, I felt like we were all friends and like we had gone on many journeys together.

I’m sure that my lens on the world has altered irreversibly, so the real gift of this performance is yet to be seen.