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22 November, 2019

Looks like she got a bit lost trying to find the Disney Frozen show

Feminine warrior with a beautiful voice takes to the stage to share her intimate story of love, loss, motherhood and success.

She made a few assumptions about the audience that I didn’t like, for example, she asked the audience. “Are there any mothers here?”

And in response to a few calling out from the audience (including myself) she commented, “You don’t care if the show is good or bad, you are just happy to be out.”

Actually I do care if the show is good because I’ve gotten out and I want it to be worth it.

Was it worth it?

The cabaret with all original songs was full of clichés, predictability and poor jokes.

The underlying message for women to stand up and be fortified may appeal to some, but I found it patronising.

Assuming women start life as these innocent, want-to-be-perfect people is a gross generalisation that only feeds into a stereotype.

Still, I respect her for getting on stage and belting out her own personal journey through Tinder, dating, yoga and ultimately song (even if the songs were very repetitive).

She does have a beautiful voice but I found the show uninspiring.

Despite this, it was worth checking out and I’d give it 3 stars overall.