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24 September, 2019

Mesmerising set design, lighting, dance and audio-visual effects

‘Invisible Cities’ offers a glimpse into the petulant relationship between Mongolian Kublai Khan and the explorer Marco Polo.

After suffering a deep personal loss, Kublai Khan sought the wisdom of Marco Polo as a visionary.

The promise of futuristic cities like Zenobia as a city of joy, Beersheba (gold) and Isadora (promise, seduction and desire) were imagined as ethereal places.

Narration offered a story that was brilliantly interpreted by Rambert’s exuberant physical dance.

The entry of the stilt walkers with riders on their backs was unexpected and mesmerising; as was the dynamic change of set at interval.

Imperative lighting developed an immersive mood that transformed the warehouse space from palaces to gardens and countryside with a flowing river.

Unique corner seating with tailored wrap-around audio-visual screens highlighted the mammoth scale.

Each element of acting, music, choreographed dance and projected mapping, informed the other.

Brisbane is very fortunate to host such a collaboration of extraordinary ingenuity, that started in Manchester UK.

The show will undoubtedly draw international acclaim as it travels across the globe.