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26 September, 2022

Opera 30 years apart

The last time I went to the opera was with my friend – and hopefully one-day girlfriend – over 30 years ago.

I went back for the first time since then with my now-wife of 23 years and I must say, I probably won’t be back for a long length of time.

No doubt, the singers had talent.

With hindsight, I should have read the synopsis before I went in but I am a person who doesn’t like to know the plot/ending prior to walking in.

Knowing the storyline certainly would have helped to understand things more clearly.

I find the operas way too dramatic in terms of the singers’ reactions – this might be opera but it ain’t me!

Anyway, I am glad for the experience and glad for the date night.

Going by the rather small crowd in attendance, opera is enjoyable by a very small minority and could not survive without very generous patrons.