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20 September, 2019

Psychosis and song, for 90-minutes, it’s a match!

I’m a Phoenix, Bitch is profoundly moving without scaring the audience into negotiating a group rate with their local psychiatrist.

Autobiographical performance artist, the beautifully funny Bryony Kimmings, fronted a packed theatre to tell, sing, dance, mime, record and project her truth about tragedy in what I feel is an extraordinary piece of theatre.

A satire of archetypes and their dangerous impact on women quickly descends to a compelling horror that would’ve been thrilling entertainment had it not been true.

Following a relationship breakdown, Kimmings finds herself trapped in a cottage, with a very sick baby, an infestation of spiders, rapidly rising water and an inner voice that is the only hurdle between her and recovery.

The show imitates life, the exquisitely detailed fairy-tale stage setting doesn’t assure us of a fairy-tale ending, and in Kimmings own words ‘that’s okay.’