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10 March, 2020

Sweet Charity: Cheeky stand-up guaranteed to get you giggling

Charity Werk’s Drama Queen delivered a delightful hour of comedy-meets-cabaret.

Ideal for those who love their stand-up with a side of serious sass and plenty of “did they just say that?” moments.

The enthusiastic, near-full house crowd laughed and whooped readily for the Melbournian drag diva.

Grab some pals and check out this tight, well-structured, cleverly written and relatable one-man/woman show, exploring growing up, coming out, and overall just being a drama queen.

I will say however, Brisbane Powerhouse’s park mezzanine (a very small room, which was set up with theatre seating format) did not provide the right atmosphere to get the audience truly going.

It meant Charity had to “Werk” extra hard!