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18 September, 2019

The must-see this Brisbane Festival!

Delightful, insightful and well-devised theatre from La Boite.

Steven Oliver’s heart-warming, hilarious and impactful script about family and mourning had me in giggles one minute and breathless the next.

It satisfied in every way.

The truly excellent performances from Benjin Maza, Lisa Maza, Roxanne McDonald, Ebony McGuire and Colin Smith produced a totally convincing and relatable on-stage family, just like any other.

Special mention to Benjin Maza who plays 17-year-old ‘Preston’ – a very talented and charismatic young performer, who one hopes will go far on stage and screen.

Roxanne McDonald’s sassy and wise-cracking ‘Nan’ stole the show.

Absolute magic.

The realism of this family unit is not just down to the outstanding ensemble but to exceptionally insightful scriptwriting and characterisation by Oliver.

I deeply appreciated the incorporation of Language, dropped in easily and naturally in such a way that the audience is made to feel welcomed and included.

Coming from an Italian family, I found my own tendency to smatter dialect in my everyday vernacular wonderfully mirrored by this Aboriginal family.

It makes one question why in a multicultural society such as ours, that our theatre doesn’t do it more – it’s a joy to hear.

Utterly spectacular were the video projections by Keith Deverell as was the lighting by the always brilliant Ben Hughes.

Completely atmospheric and otherworldly, the audience was completely transported between physical and ethereal worlds.

This is a show I’d recommend to anyone.

I don’t think it’s too often one can truly say that, but I think even the most green of theatre-goers would catch the bug from this one.

This is one not to miss this Brisbane Festival.