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14 September, 2019

The perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon at South Bank

Sean Sennett is an incredibly talented musician and songwriter and it was really clever of him to invite a number of singers with versatile voices to showcase and narrate his songs.

A thorn amongst the roses perhaps, as all the singers were beautiful women with amazing voices.

Luckily he was flanked by his guitar plus a talented group of male musicians – the electric guitar being my favourite!

There was always someone new joining Sean onstage, so I was kept well entertained by different vocals, personalities and dress styles.

The bubble blowing was also a nice touch and tied up nicely with the lovely bubble stage backdrop that framed the drummer.

One or two of the rock songs were a bit loud for my liking, but the singers and band members certainly looked like they were having fun and enjoying the jamming session – with lots of friendly banter between them.

Most of the songs were more mellow and told wonderful stories about Brisbane from the ’70s onwards.

At times I found myself tapping my feet to the beat and wanting to clap along.

I especially enjoyed the song “Angel of Brisbane” sung by Sue Ray.

Her deep voice was soothing to listen to.

The Spiegeltent was an excellent venue, as it provided a cosy and intimate setting and made me feel that I was passing the afternoon with friends – hearing them sing their stories about Brisbane.

Up close and personal. I left feeling happy and relaxed – wanting to find out more about Sean Sennett and to download more of his music to listen to.