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22 June, 2021


Anchuli Felicia King has brilliantly captured some very on point topics in a highly satirical and amusing way.

So many relatable storylines – corporate contradictions, casual and structural racism, social media viral frenzies that can make or break a business or a person.

Set in a corporate office based in Singapore the gist of the story is about the unfortunate (or so it seems) internet release of a highly racist commercial for their beauty product White Pearl, which is a skin-lightening agent, very favoured in the Asian market.

The ensuing antics in the office is hilarious and somewhat disturbing.

There are definitely some laugh-while-you-cringe moments and be ready for a bit of very coarse language and some sexual activity, but pretty certain that the creator understands that this only adds to the conversation about today’s society’s hot topics.

The set is great, with great lighting and great use of video monitors etc during the show.  And the onstage toilet is certainly quirky!

This won’t be a play for everyone, but I think it is worth seeing and is quite thought-provoking.