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28 September, 2019

We're all secretly fangirls!

An entertaining musical that perfectly captures the essence of teenage girls across the world.

This show is suited to parents who know the oh-too-familiar cry of ‘shut my bedroom door’, and the ‘but muuuuuummmmm if I don’t go I’ll die’.

This light-hearted coming-of-age show is all about fitting in, standing out, the highs and lows of friendship and, of course, boys.

The cast captured the spirit of their characters perfectly.

The show’s narrative appeared to be inspired by famous English boy-band ‘One Direction’, with the shows heart-throb Harry, sharing similar traits to Harry Styles and his equally famous hair.

The plot of ‘Fangirls’ focused on the heartbreak fans feel when their beloved boy bands break-up.

This show has wide appeal and leaves its audience feeling good and reminiscing over their own fangirl moments growing up.