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8 December, 2022

What a cracker

How many* Christmas puns can be stuffed into one review?

Pull on your most gaudy jumper and get ready to Ho Ho Ho for the night.

For the 6th year, A Very Naughty Christmas is back and sliding, well-lubed, down the chimney of The Roundhouse Theatre, La Boite in Kelvin Grove.

An absolute hoot from start to finish, my concerns that it would be a one-trick reindeer were quickly put to the Manger, as the show seamlessly hopped from song to skit accompanied by never-ending laughter from the audience.

You can expect all of your favourite Yuletide songs to be wonderfully perverted.

But be warned: leave the children tucked up in bed for this one.

The gags (both comedic and literal) are very much of an adult nature and while any actual nudity would be an accident, there is certainly a chance of a glimpse at a chipolata.

The wonderful costuming was sexy and fun while also somehow managing to evoke the nostalgia of a childhood Christmas.

The creators nailed both the script and the musical rewrites perfectly.

There was a danger of some of the humour being at worst offensive and at best as lazy as Granny after dinner and a sherry.

But it was beautifully balanced by stabs at the establishment and capitalism.

The show was Tree-mendously cast with everyone on stage pulling their weight.

For me though, the stand-out opening night performance came from Emily Kristopher whose voice, stagecraft, and sass topped the tree.

In a word, she sleighed it.

Honourable mentions go to  Aurélie Roque’s resting Grinch face and Stephen Hirst’s portrayal of Santa, as a rebel without a Claus.

I challenge you to not walk out of this jingling your bells to the tune of THAT Mariah song.

Treat your Elf, get your tickets now, Yule be sorry if you mistletoe this one.

*16, that’s how many.