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21 September, 2019

Who would have thought three wheelie bins and their drivers could be so hilarious?

Energy unlimited, showcasing mime, juggling, roller skates, Taiko-drumming, great music and lots of balls.

My two three-year-olds were in hysterics at the exaggerated facial expressions and cheeky characters that had mastered trickery, slow-motion action and hiding from each other.

Likewise, I was thoroughly entertained by the fast pace, skilful talent and brilliant choices of montaged music.

Ballet with the bins and Chariots of Fire renditions were particularly memorable.

Trash Test Dummies touched on important themes of happiness, sharing, anger, love, war and death, with incredible sensitivity.

They used clever language, sounds and changes in lighting to deliver an exceptional experience that the whole audience seemed very happy to be part of.

This was a very clever, entertaining show for all ages.