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25 April, 2021

'Your Song' is the perfect post-lockdown show. Go!

Your Song is the perfect post-lockdown show, with a deceptively simple format. Take four musical theatre stars, add a three-piece live band, and introduce some of Elton John’s biggest hits with a smattering of memories linked to each song. Fortunately for the Judith Wright audience, The Little Red Company has a track record in bringing popular music to the stage. Your Song is definitely another winner for this experienced creative team.

Don’t expect to see a tribute band, as this show is so much more than a recreation of familiar material. Your Song is a special reimagining of many of the megastar’s major hits, where the verbatim stories are used to bring familiar songs to life. Inviting people to share memories associated with Elton John’s music must have brought a torrent of recollections. Congratulations to the team for pulling together a blend of highs, lows, and humorous moments, where each story proved to be a great segue to the next song.

The cast were terrific.  Andy Cook, conjuring his inner Freddie Mercury, was particularly memorable in his Crocodile Rock, which was poignant and great fun. Marcus Corowa really did bring soul to the show, especially with a guitar in his hand, and rocked the Dodgers/feather combo. Luke Kennedy is a great performer, and I particularly loved his Rocketman; it’s amazing how a talented musical performer can ensure that every word counts. Irena Lysiuk had some great moments in the show—from the humour of the ukulele-playing girlfriend and Tiny Dancer rollerblading bride, through to the poignant introduction to an excellent Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

And isn’t it great to experience live music again? Michael Manikus gave a stellar performance on keys, supported by Mik Easterman (drums), and OJ Newcomb (bass). Thanks to great sound design, I could hear every word of the songs, and my ears didn’t ring as I left the theatre.

So… YES. This is a great show to entice friends and family back to live performance. Your Song is a funny (but occasionally sad), rock-show-meets-musical-theatre run-through of the soundtrack to many special moments. Definitely one to take your Mum to, or enjoy with a group of friends.

Tickets are now limited as the show closes on 1 May 2021. If you can’t get to see this run, why not consider Rumour Has It, which is returning to QPAC on 17 June 2021.