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An Ideal Husband

18 Jul-6 Aug 2022

La Boite Roundhouse Theatre

La Boite Theatre

Why play by the rules when you don’t believe in the game?

Corruption, hypocrisy, blackmail. Just another day in Canberra, the cold-blooded political heartland of Australia.

Directed by Bridget Boyle, An Ideal Husband is award-winning playwright Lewis Treston’s hilarious makeover of Oscar Wilde’s effervescent social satire that for all its melodrama and farce, offers poignant insight into human frailty.

Set in 1996, this adaptation asks why Australian politics constantly fails to keep up with the people it is supposed to represent.

Treston combines Wilde’s unmistakable style with a heavy dose of ‘90s nostalgia, mirroring romcoms of the era such as My Best Friend’s Wedding and Never Been Kissed.


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