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16 Sep-1 Oct 2023

Playhouse, QPAC

Presented by QPAC and Brisbane Festival

A new musical comedy featuring a knockout score by Kate Miller-Heidke and her collaborator Keir Nuttall premiering at Brisbane Festival 2023, Bananaland is a celebration of the glorious absurdity of following an impossible dream.

Meet Ruby Semblance, a 21-year-old idealist. She believes in art, music and angry choreography. Ruby is the lead singer/songwriter of Kitty Litter. Not Kitty Litter ‘the band’ mind you – according to Ruby, an “Onstage Conceptual Art / Music Oriented Happening”.

If that sounds unappealing, you’re right. Kitty Litter have been together for four years, have played five hundred shows, and have one fan. One.

One fateful day Kitty Litter takes the stage to be greeted by a sold-out audience… of small children. It turns out their furious protest song ‘Bananaland’ has accidentally become a runaway kids’ hit.

Is Kitty Litter destined to become the next Wiggles? Spoiler: yes. And it’s our total delight as the audience to witness them rail against this destiny. Do they allow themselves to be consumed with the notion of ‘selling out’ or do they buy into their accidental ‘kids’ band’ fame?

Recommended for audiences aged 15+

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