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ESC. with Us

1-23 Sep 2023

King Street, Bowen Hills

Presented by Brisbane Festival, Archie Brothers, Cirque Electric and King Street


Hark back to simpler times…a time of sun-drenched summers. When tech was in its infancy and switched-on-kids, with their unbreakable friendship bonds, ruled the streets for all hours on their BMX bikes.

ESC. with Us is an ode to retro-game play, bringing nostalgia out of our screens, out of arcade darkness and into the streets. A glowing collection of gaming consoles made from inflatables, these puffy machines with unmistakably 80s inspired, Tang– Fanta–Lifesaver-coloured graphics call to mind the fun palace of old-school Arcade parlours – places where you met your crush, made new friends to give friendship bracelets to, ate pizza and scored big.

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