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Maze Three

5 Oct-6 Dec 2021

Yagara Country, 119 Lamington St, New Farm QLD 4005

Little Red

How do we own our own story when it feels like the pages have been written for us?
Down at the beach where her lover first came to Crete, Pasiphae gave birth to a legend. A myth.
The cursed offspring of the Gods; the Bastard Beast of Crete.
Now a new rumour is circulating through the city – one of their own is missing, Asterion has been named and the Cretans are out for blood.
A new visual theatre work created by The Naughty Corner, this contemporary reimagining fuses the ancient with the new to deliver a fresh take on the origin story of Greek mythology’s infamous Minotaur.
MAZE received initial development through the DPS Academy with Dead Puppet Society and Brisbane Powerhouse.

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